Hi users,


eufy has recently released its latest eufySecurity app update v4.0 with a brand new user interface design, and we are excited to introduce the following advanced features of the newest app to our users.


1. Region Selection

In order to comply with relevant laws and regulations, to better protect your data privacy and security, please make sure to select your actual region when logging in.

2. Home Management

Create a home or multiple homes to assign your eufy devices and easily manage them from one device. You can even differentiate permissions for each device for each home. 


3. Security Report

Automatically analyze every event so you can quickly view what triggered notifications throughout the house. 



1. Why are all my devices not visible after logging in?

You cannot access the devices if you choose a new region that is different from the previous one. Please log out of the app and make sure to select the correct region before logging in again.


2. Why are all my SHARED devices not visible after logging in?

Please tap "My Home" and then tap "Shared Device" to view all your shared devices :

3. How to enable the Security Report Feature?

The feature is disabled by default. You can enable it via the app sidebar. Click on Lab Features.