When users are unable to remotely access eufySecurity devices to watch live view when away from home or where the devices are configured, it is usually due to the following reasons.


Smartphone Mobile Data Access and Configuration

  • Please verify your smartphone is getting a clear signal and has mobile data enabled.
  • Please make sure the Low Data mode (iOS) or Data Saver mode (Android) is disabled on your smartphone.
  • Please verify your smartphone is set to IPv4 (32-Bit IP address) and not IPv6 (128-Bit IP address).  If the issue persists, please reset the network settings and restart your smartphone.   
  • Make sure the Low Data Mode is turned off on your SmartPhone: How to Turn Off Low Data Mode or Data Saver: iPhone & Android 


Home Router Configuration 

  • Please make sure your router’s firewall settings are not blocking remote access to eufySecurity devices.
  • Please make sure the router's TCP port 80, 443 and UDP port 0-65535 are open.
  • Please make sure eufySecurity devices are not added to a blacklist or MAC filter on the router.


If you still have issues remotely accessing your eufySecurity devices, please contact our support team.