Please see below for an explanation of some of the icons in the EufySecurity App:

Main Page

 Side Menu. This three-lined icon is in the upper-left corner of the eufySecurity app. Tapping on it will open the side menu and give you access to the rest of the app's functions.


 Messages. Tap the message button and you will see articles from eufySecurity community and from eufy Devices.


 Help. You are able to find related information by yourself or ask for help with providing channels (Livechat, Call, Email).


 Devices. All eufySecurity Devices after setup will be shown in this place.


 Events. History Videos and Alerts collected from all eufySecurity Devices.


 Security Mode. Choose from Home, away, Customize, Geofencing, Schedule mode. Learn more about Security Modes in eufySecurity App.


 Explore. In-App purchases.


Status Icons

 WiFi-connection. It shows the signal strength of the WiFi connection for devices.


  Snooze. Enable the Snooze and you won’t receive alerts from eufySecurity App on your phone, but events will still be recorded. Learn more about How Snooze in eufySecurity App Works for You.


 Battery. It shows the remaining battery of your device.


 Solar Panel. It shows the solar panel charging option for eufyCam.


 Floodlight. Tap or click to enable the light of the floodlight.


 SD card. It means that the device needs an SD card or the SD card is full.


LiveView Icons

 Play. Tap or click to see the Liveview or playback.


 Pause. Tap or click to stop a live feed or playback.


 Record. Tap or click to record a Liveview. Learn more about Manual Video Recording in eufySecurity App.


 Screencut. Tap or click to take a picture of a Liveview.


 Hold & Speak. Tap or click and hold to speak to someone through your eufyCam/floodlight/indoor cam.


 Push to Call. Tap or click to talk to someone without stopping through your doorbells.


 Quick Reply. Tap or click to reply to someone with a quick auto-response through the doorbell. Learn more about How to Set Auto Voice Response for Video Doorbell.


 Volume. Tap or click to adjust the volume on your camera.


 More. Tap or click for more functions.


 Manual Alarm. Tap or click to alarm the device.


 Night Version. Tap or click to disable the auto night version.


 Expand. Tap or click to view a LiveView in full screen.


Event Icons

Filter. Filter Videos or Alerts according to devices, video type, and storage path.


 Edit. Tap or click to select videos or alerts for deletion.


 Download. Tap or click to download specific videos or clips. Learn more about Download and Delete Videos via eufySecurity App.


 Share. Tap or click to share videos or clips with others.


 Donate. Donate specific video clips to eufySecurity for troubleshooting or advice.


Delete. Tap or click to delete videos or settings. 



 Alarm. When the device is alarming, the red alarm icon will be shown on the main page of eufySecurity App.


 Emergency. Tap or click to request a monitoring service. Learn more about A Quick Guide to eufy Protection Plan (Basic).


 Learn More. Tap or click to learn more about a setting or troubleshooting.


Settings. Tap or click to access the device settings of a eufySecurity device.


 On. Tap or toggle to enable the settings.


 Off. Tap or toggle to disable the settings.