Connecting eufySecurity devices with Alexa is a simple process. To accomplish this, you’ll need to add eufySecurity as a skill in your Alexa App. Once this is finished, you’ll be able to use a variety of Alexa-enabled devices with your eufySecurity devices. 

Link Alexa with your eufySecurity Account

1. Open Amazon Alexa App > Slide the side menu > Click ‘Browse Skills’ > Click ‘Skills & Games’.

2. Search ‘eufySecurity’ skills.

3. Enable ‘eufySecurity’ skills.

4. Enter your eufy account and password on ‘Link Account’ page.

5. Close the “Successfully Linked” window to discover security devices you can control with Alexa.

6. Choose devices to set up in allocated rooms after ‘Discover Devices’.

7. Adjust the settings in Alexa for your preference. For example, if you have a video doorbell, you can go to the Doorbell Settings and turn on “Doorbell Press Announcement” for a voice announcement on Alexa when someone pressing the doorbell.

8. Try out some commands, such as “Alexa, show me XXX (device name)”


Click here for more information about setting up Alexa with eufy security devices.


Remove your eufy account with Alexa

1. Open Amazon Alexa App and click ‘Your Skills’.

2. Select ‘eufySecurity Skill’.

3. Enter into the ‘eufySecurity Skill’ settings.


5. Select the linked devices, such as eufy Doorbell.

6. Click the ‘Trash Bin’ icon to delete the devices.

7. Go back to the device list and then re-add the devices.


If you need further help, Amazon has additional instructions here.



1. What do I do if Alexa fails to discover my devices?

  • Check if there are any Internet connection problems.
  • Try to reboot the smart device and re-discover the device on Alexa.


2. Why does the device’s status show “Offline” on Alexa?

  • Your wireless connection might have been lost. Reboot the smart device and re-discover on Alexa.
  • Internet access on your router could be unavailable. Check if your router is connected to the Internet and try again.


3. Why can’t I control Eufy devices with Amazon Alexa?

  • Check if there are any Internet connection problems.
  • Check if you are using the proper commands when talking to Alexa. You must say the wake word “Alexa” first when making your request.
  • Repeat your question. Speak naturally and clearly to Alexa.
  • Make sure your Eufy device is at least eight inches away from ways or other objects that may cause interference (such as microwave ovens).