For detailed information regarding the SteamWave™ technology, please refer to the following article:

What is the SteamWave™ technology of the MACH V1 Ultra?


The SteamWave™ technology is safe for all sealed hard floors. It is recommended to use the steam mode on your sealed hardwood, marble, tile, and stone floors to avoid potentially damaging your floors.


In order to avoid damaging your floors, do not use steam mode on any solid wooden floors that have recently been waxed. If you have recently waxed your floors, it is recommended to use either smart mode or suction mode.


When it comes to cleaning stubborn stains, it is recommended to run the vacuum cleaner over stains slowly and let the steam nozzles spray the stains for up to 30 seconds in order to soften the stains. Please make sure not to exceed 30 seconds in order to avoid causing any potential issues.