Please refer to the following instructions when using steam mode:

  1. Remove the MACH V1 Ultra vacuum cleaner from the charging base, gently step on the foot pedal and pull the handlebar backward until you hear a clicking sound, then continue to pull the handlebar for the vacuum to enter standby mode.

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Press the power button to turn on the smart mode by default, and then press the mode button one time and the vacuum will switch to steam mode.


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Once the pulsing red indicator lights on the roller brush cover turn to solid red lights, it indicates that the vacuum has completed the preparation process and steam mode can now be used. Please simply press the trigger button on the vacuum to release steam from the vacuum cleaner.

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  • It is recommended to use steam mode to remove tough stains and clean the floors thoroughly.
  • Please note that the MACH V1 Ultra vacuum cleaner can only last up to 15 minutes in steam mode before the battery runs out.


If you have any further questions, please contact eufy support engineers for assistance.